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Darkscape Status Page

Happy New Year

29 Dec 2011, 0317

    With the close of 2011, I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year! 2011 has presented many interesting opportunities, and we are excited to see where 2012 will take us. Down with SOPA! And long live the internet!

Emergency Maint.

6 Oct 2011, 0020

    There is emergency maintenance on our echoes webserver. We apologize for the short notice and the downtime, and are working to restore service as quickly as possible.

Hurricane Party!

27 Aug 2011, 0041

    Hey guys, due to the inclement weather in our hometown Ocean City, MD, including the fact that we're all banned from being in town, we may be a little late on getting back to you. We are very sorry, and will return as quickly as possible!

Newark Routing Issue

18 May 2010, 1757

    There has been a routing issue in the Newark data center that is the source of an outage for a number of our customers. Connectivity has been restored, and we continue to work with customers who still desire to be relocated to different data centers.