For individuals with restricted mobility, managing rooms, or climbing stairs on various levels of a property can be time-consuming and hard. Wheelchair lifts can solve these problems by offering flexible and easy access to a raised porch, deck, floor-to-floor access, or other elevations. These devices are economical and safe solutions when stairs aren’t a practical choice.  

When selecting a wheelchair lift, the convenience and safety of the mobility-challenged individual are the main aspects to think about. There are a lot of reliable manufacturers out there that provide wheelchair lifts in a range of designs incorporated with quality safety features.  

Today, we’re going to talk about a couple of the primary features to keep in mind before you make your final decision with regards to your wheelchair lift Long Island. 


You should compare prices and features before you choose a unit and purchase one that meets your budget and needs. the cost of the wheelchair lift will vary on your choice of lift options and configuration. 

Load Capacity 

Pick a wheelchair lift that comes with excellent load capacity. Top models of wheelchair lifts provide a load capacity ranging from 450 to 700 lbs.  

Safety Mechanisms 

Quality units of wheelchair lifts come with high-quality safety features and easy-to-utilize controls to guarantee convenient and safe floor-to-floor access. If you’re purchasing a wheelchair lift, safety features to look for include automatic self-lowering folding ramp, audio-visual alarm, constant pressure controls on the platform, keyed, non-skid platform, under-pan obstruction sensors, and emergency brake system. 

Ceiling Height 

The ceiling height is a crucial thing to consider. Wheelchair lifts might appear bulky or inappropriate if your ceiling is extremely low. That’s why it is important to measure the height from the ground floor to the upper landing floor. Then, pick a wheelchair lift that will fit into the available area.  

Floor Space 

Pick a lift that will properly fit in your available space. Wheelchair lifts can be fitted easily to stairs and will not need any separate room or space for installation. On the other hand, vertical platform lifts need separate areas since they’re usually installed away from the stairs.  


Choosing the location is a vital aspect to think about before you install a wheelchair lift. The location selected for the lift needs to be one that the wheelchair user has the most difficulty in accessing. The lift needs to be installed in a place that has a perfectly leveled and smooth mounting space. Also, the landing area needs to be sound structurally and the travel wall shouldn’t have gaps.  

Platform Length 

Wheelchair lifts are made as per required standards and codes. It should accommodate safely mobility devices of every size. When you’re picking a wheelchair lift unit, you’ve got to ensure that the platform length is enough to accommodate the mobility equipment of the user.  

Type of Lift 

There are inclined wheelchair lifts and vertical lifts. Vertical platform lifts don’t need a separate machine room. On the other hand, inclined platform lifts will utilize a metal track attached to the stair’s wall and will require a separate room for operation.